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[C17: from French, from Previous French nichier in order to nest, through Vulgar Latin n?dic?re (unattested) in order to build a nest, from Latin n?dusnest]5. involving or pertaining into a industry niche: niche advertising.4.fireplace, hearth, open up fireplace - an empty recess in the wall at the base of a chimney where a fire may be built; "the fireplace was thus huge you might walk inside it"; "he laid any fire inside the hearth as well as lit it"; "the hearth ended up being black with most the charcoal of numerous fires"6. to put in a niche.nichen.niche (n?t?; ni:?)niche (n?ch, n?sh)3. the career and also function of your specific species or even population inside an ecological community.Ads through Google:b. a unique region regarding demand to acquire a product as well as service: "One niche which is approaching mass-market proportions can be held by regional magazines" (Brad Edmondson).tr.v. niched, niching, nichesniche (n?ch, n?sh)3.enclosure - the composition consisting of an area which has been enclosed regarding a few purposemihrab - (Islam) a niche within the wall of your mosque which indicates the actual direction regarding Meccaa. The Actual operate or situation associated with an organism or even population within an ecological community.Translations[1605-15; nicher to produce a new nest *n?dicul?re, v. derivative involving Latin n?dus nest]station, location - proper as well as designated social situation; "he overstepped his place"; "the responsibilities of the man in his station"; "married higher than your ex station"2. A New cranny, hollow, or crevice, as in rock.apse, apsis - a domed or perhaps vaulted recess or projection on the constructing specially the east end of the church; usually offers the altar[French, from Previous French, coming from nichier, in order to nest (from Vulgar Latin *n?dic?re, via Latin n?dus, nest; observe sed- throughout Indo-European roots) or perhaps through Previous Italian nicchio, seashell (perhaps through Latin m?tulus, mussel).]1. (Architecture) the recess inside a wall, esp 1 in which contains the statuealcove, bay - a new little recess opening off a much more substantial room4. Ecologyn., v. niched, nichoing. n.condition, status - a situation at a particular time; "a condition (or state) involving disrepair"; "the existing status in the arms negotiations"Thesaurus Legend: SynonymsRelated WordsAntonymsnichenniche - the situation particularly suitable towards the individual who occupies it; "he located his niche in the academic world"4. (Commerce) (modifier) relating to as well as aimed at a little specialized group or perhaps market1.6. (tr) to position (a statue) in the niche; ensconce (oneself)1. the hollow inside a wall for a statue, ornament etc. nis ???????? ??????? ?? ????? ???? nicho nika die Nische niche ???? nicho orv ?? ????? ?? ????? syvennys niche ??????, ?????? ??? udubina u zidu flke relung veggskot nicchia ??? ??(??) ni?a ni?a ceruk nis nisje, fordypning nisza ??????????? nicho ni?? ???? nika ni?a ?upljina u zidu za statuu nisch ??????????????????????????????????????????????? ni?, duvar girintisi ?? ???? ?????? h?c t??ng ?? nnxolv.t.To location in the niche.niche1. A New recess inside a wall, as regarding holding a new statue or perhaps urn.niche (nit?) , (ni:?) nounn. nicho, depresin o defecto pequeo esp. en la pared de un rgano hueco.niche - an enclosure that's set again or indentedniche - (ecology) your status involving an organism within its environment as well as community (affecting its survival as a species)The function or even position of a species within an ecological community. A New species's niche consists of your physical environment to become able to that it has become adapted also as its role as producer as well as consumer of meals resources. Observe furthermore competitive exclusion principle.2. (Mountaineering) any kind of similar recess, such as one in the rock face1. a recess in a wall or possibly the like, usu. semicircular within strategy and arched, as for any statue.n (Archit) -> Nische f; (fig) -> Pltzchen nt; in order to carve a market regarding oneself -> eine Nische fr sich finden; niche area (Comm) -> Nischenmarkt mniche (n?t?)a. Any situation as well as activity specially suited to an individual's interests, abilities, or perhaps nature: discovered the woman's niche in life.niche - a new small concavityWant to thank TFD for its existence? Inform a friend concerning us, add a hyperlink for you to this page, as well as visit the webmaster's page with regard to totally free fun content.2. a suitable devote life. He located his niche within engineering. plek ????? ??????? ????????? ????? lugar mste?ko, pevn msto der Platz rette hylde ?????, ???? (???.) hueco (oma) koht ?????? oma paikka voie ??????? ??????? ??? svoje mjesto, kutak hely tempat yang tepat sess, rtt hilla posto ?? ?? tinkama vieta ?sta/piem?rota vieta bidang plaats nisje, plass odpowiednie miejsce ?????? lugar loc (potrivit) ???? ????? vhodn miesto mesto mesto nisch, [rtt] plats ???????????????????????????????? uygun yer ?????(???) ???? ????? ???? ? ????? v? tr thch h?p ????? llocvb2.2. an appropriate place or position: to locate one's niche within the world.4. a new distinct segment of a market.3.adj.5. (Biology) ecology your role of your plant as well as animal within its neighborhood and habitat, that determines its activities, relationships with other organisms, etcb. Your specific area inside the habitat occupied by an organism.Noun3. a new situation specifically suitable for that individual occupying it: he located his niche in politics.