Dear God, Please Help; I Need Miracle Money Right Now

1. Start an Online Crowdfunding FundraiserWe live in a time where everything is so technologically advanced, homeless people really dont need to stand on the side of the road anymore holding signs. Instead, they can go to their local library, get on the internet, and start a fundraiser for their own personal cause. You can create an online crowdfunding fundraiser for yourself whether it be to pay house bills, pay hospital bills, or pay for a loved ones unexpected passing. Many of these crowdfunding fundraising sites are absolutely free to join. GoFundMe ( has raised over $400 million dollars for personal causes. ( has raised over $100 million dollars. ( has reached almost $100,000 in financial gifts.To set up your account, simply log on to the website of your choice, create an account, upload a picture and upload your story to share with the world. Believe it or not, there are caring people out there in the world who will be touched by your situation and donate money toward your cause.2. A community-action programMost cities have community-action programs that provide a variety of services. Certain community-action programs will pay your light/gas bill, your water bill, and/or help you on your rent/mortgage if your income is below the poverty-level. They will also provide your children gifts for Christmas, help you locate clothing items for you and/or your children, and direct you to food banks that can help stock your refrigerator. They usually dont place money into your hands, but at least they will take care of some of the worries that you might be facing. Simply Google community action program for your particular city to find the phone number and address of your local center.3. Department of Social ServicesMany people see social services as a place where you can only get food assistance, medical assistance, and daycare vouchers. The Department of Social Services provide other benefits as well. For mothers, they can become a part of the Work First Program that will help locate them a job and pay them a check until they find a job. Also, the Department of Social Services have an energy crisis program that will pay your light bill for you. Contact your local Department of Social Services to see if they have these programs available where you live. Often, if they dont have the resource available, they can usually direct you to an organization that might be able to help you.4. Unemployment BenefitsIf you quit a job, got fired, or got laid off, still apply for unemployment benefits. The rule is that if you quit or if you got fired from a job, you cannot receive unemployment benefits. This is not true. You might get denied the first go-around, but you can appeal the decision. I personally know of a few individuals who were fired from a job and was still able to draw unemployment from the company. Another individual simply quit her job, and she was still able to draw unemployment benefits.The catch to unemployment is that the previous employer gets a set amount of time to respond to the request for unemployment compensation. Believe it or not, some employers never respond to the request. When this happens, the Employment Security Commission calls you and takes a statement. The statement is one-sided because they only get your version of events (remember, your previous employer never responded to the inquiry). This is how the people I know were able to draw unemployment and receive thousands of dollars in back pay, simply because their previous employer never responded to their unemployment inquiry.5. Lending Companies/Personal BankI wouldnt recommend lending companies because they are like a trap. Once you get sucked into the cycle, its hard to get out of it. If you do decide to try a lending company, I would suggest Money Mutual because I have worked with them before and I have heard others give positive reviews about this company.Before trying a lending company, I suggest you try your bank. Some banks will allow you to do a temporary, one-time overdraft for a small fee. My bank charges $19 for this one-time overdraft. Basically, they will take a look at your direct deposits over the past few weeks/months, and then they will determine a maximum amount that you are eligible for. Simply agree to the amount of your desire and voila, you have miracle money! (Now of course, theyll get the money back once your direct deposit hits, but at least for the moment, youll have some hard cash in your hands.)6. Donate Blood PlasmaPlasma centers are always looking for donors and they compensate you for your life-changing gift. Rates vary, but you usually receive $50 per visit for your first two visits and then the rate begins to drop. Many centers will let you come twice a week (as long as there is a 24-hour window between your visits). Think about it: $50 per first two visits, 2 visits per week, 4 weeks in a month. Thats an opportunity to add $200+ per month of miracle money to your income.I have never given plasma before and dont plan on doing it any time soon (I hate needles). I know some people personally who have donated plasma on more than one occasion. They said its very similar to giving blood, it just takes longer. They said it doesnt hurt but it can leave a bruise that eventually fades over time. It is a lengthy process that can last up to an hour. Also, you must pass a physical to be eligible (you dont have to be in excellent condition, but certain medical disorders will disqualify you).If you decide to do this, dont just do it for the money. While the money is an excellent incentive, donating blood plasma helps create treatments for shock and blood disorders that can save lives, even your own.7. Donate Your FertilityGive the gift of life. There are many men and women out there who suffer with fertility issues. You can help them by donating your fertility. Men can donate their sperm at a sperm donor facility and women can donate their eggs at special fertility centers, but the process is a bit more rigorous for the woman. While the womans actual egg donation process is much more complicated, the mans chance of being chosen as a sperm donor applicant is very slim indeed. Men have to go through an intense screening process (because you are, technically, going to be that babys daddy). An extremely low percentage of men pass the screening, and then they donate their sperm in a specimen cup and usually receive $100 of miracle money (rates may very), per session.Women, on the other hand, go through a screening process as well as a physical, of both their mental and physical health. If they pass this, then they are placed on fertility drugs to help prepare the egg for fertilization. Women can receive $3,000 (or much more) worth of miracle money to compensate them for their time, travel, and eggs. But women who are solely doing this for the money never make the final cut.8. Local churches (love offerings)Are you a member of a church? If so, call your pastor and ask if they can take up a love donation for you and your family because you are going through a financial crisis. Even if you arent a member of a church, you can still reach out to the churches for help. It might be a good idea to actually attend the church service first before asking for financial help. You might be surprised at how many church organizations are more than willing to help you spiritually as well as financially.Also, you might attend church in hopes of receiving financial assistance, and unexpectedly receive a prophetic word over your life or witness a spiritual move of God that makes your financial situation no longer bother you because you become clothed in a new mindset that even if I lose the house, I lose the car, I lose all my money, I lose everything I worked for thus far in life, the enemy can have all my material possessions, but he cant have my mind, he cant have my joy, and he cant have my faith. Youll find yourself moved to a point where you can adamantly declare, Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.