Dealership Was Supposed to Repair Car, Made It Worse Instead

Dear ABC Information Fixer: I took my 2013 Ford Retreat to the supplier for a recall repair. The service technology left an oil line loose, then a staff member drove my vehicle as well as ran it completely dry of oil and also blew the engine. That was in June.The dealer aimed to fix it by replacing the engine. I obtained it back in August, yet it had a resonance and steering trouble. I grumbled to Ford that I wanted my vehicle changed. I had actually not even possessed it a year when this happened.I have actually been given the runaround and switched over to 3 different individuals taking over my case.I got the car new in July 2013. I am a traveling registered nurse as well as require reliable transport. I paid $15,000 down and also have made monthly repayments on schedule considering that I purchased it.I be entitled to far better compared to this. I fidget about also driving it currently. I am so disappointed.- Betty Dawes, Monticello, Ky.Got a consumer issue? The ABC Information Fixer might be able to help. Click right here to send your trouble online. Letters are modified for size and also clarity.Dear Betty: The irony of this whole circumstance is that you brought your car to the car dealership to care for a recall.We chose to be confident. We called Ford Motor Company to tell them about your problem. Not long after, an exec liaison from Michigan contacted you, vowing to work to fix this.At first, the Ford liaison told you Ford wouldnt beable to replace the car, given that it was a mistake made by the independent dealer as well as not a producers problem. She was very regretful and provided you a deep discount on a brand-new car.We informed her you werent pleased. There was a bit a lot more back-and-forth in between Ford as well as the dealership, and you and also your partner ultimately listened to back from the dealership. The supplier supplied to change your auto, as long as you accepted pay something for the mileage on the old auto. You both ultimately chosen$ 2,000, and in exchange you obtained a 2015 Ford Getaway Titanium with a reduced rates of interest and brand-new warranty.You told us youre grateful the dealership did the appropriate thing. So are we. -The ABC News Fixer