Daimer Unveils Steam Cleaner for Clean Room Disinfection.

Woburn, MA, November 10, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Daimer Industries,Inc.[R], the world's leading brand in advanced commercial andindustrial cleaning technologies with hundreds of models shipped to over200 nations, has launched a multipurpose steam cleaner containing aspecial technology installed within the boiler.Daimer[R]'s KleenJet[R] Ultra 5000CVP ATIS[R] (Advanced
Thermal Ionic Sanitization[R]) is the industry's most powerful 110
volt based vapor steam cleaner machine, and only of just several (all
others are Daimer[R]'s) certified anti-bacterial systems within
which a feature of this type in installed. Importantly, commercial steam
cleaner vapor machines are not carpet steam cleaner systems.
"Clean rooms must maintain a low level of contaminants and
thus require the use of special technologies to achieve the desired
results," says Daimer[R] Industries spokesman, Matthew Baratta.
"Daimer[R]'s Daimer[R]'s KleenJet[R] Ultra 5000CVP
ATIS[R] offer an Eco-safe, productivity-maximizing way to clean and
disinfect without the need to continually stop and change towels. Steam
vacuuming with Daimer[R]'s exclusive anti-microbial technology
href='http://www.thefreelibrary.com/Daimer+Unveils+Steam+Cleaner+for+Clean+Room+Disinfection.-a0307953871' - http://www.thefreelibrary.com/Daimer+Unveils+Steam+Cleaner+for+Clean+Room+Disinfection.-a0307953871 -