Daimer Targets Steam Cleaner for MRSA in Nursing Homes.

Woburn, MA, November 08, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Daimer Industries,Inc.[R], a world-renowned supplier of America-produced industrial steamcleaner, carpet steam cleaner and vapor steam cleaner machines to wellover 200 countries, continues to satisfy innumerable maintenanceapplications by presenting the KleenJet[R] Mega 1000CVP ATIS[R] tonursing homes.Daimer[R]'s exclusive, patent-pending ATIS[R] (Advanced
Thermal Ionic Sanitization[R]) model is one of the most popular and
powerful steam cleaner vacuum models of its kind on the market. Every
machine lists a USA EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) number to
guarantee EPA compliance.
"MRSA is a real cause of concern for nursing homes,
costing about $8 billion in treatments per year. Proper disinfecting of
surfaces plays a key role in controlling the spread of MRSA
infections," says Matthew Baratta, spokesman of Daimer
Industries, Inc.[R]. "Daimer[R] is excited to offer the
unique, EPA-compliant steam cleaner that has been scientifically proven
to help destroy the most dreaded disease-causing pathogens including
MRSA. We believe this is a great stride ahead to help cut down cases of
MRSA infections in health care settings."
The unique cleaning and disinfecting capabilities of the
Daimer[R]'s KleenJet[R] Mega 1000CVP ATIS[R] make it the perfect
commercial steam cleaner for use in health care settings, where reducing
MRSA and other drug-resistant bacteria continue to be a high priority.
Certainly, MRSA is problematic for healthy people, but MRSA infections
can turn life-threatening for those with weakened immune systems.
Daimer[R]'s Super-Hot steam and patented anti-bacterial technology
help eliminate germs, pathogens, and harmful bacteria from most
According to the statistics released by the CDC (Center for DiseaseControl and Prevention), there were approximately 94,360 reported casesof MRSA infections in 2011. The study also notes that 85 percent ofpatients developed the infection during their stay at a health carefacility. The major cause of MRSA outbreaks in most cases is theinadequate disinfecting measures implemented within health carefacilities.The KleenJet[R] Mega 1000CVP ATIS has been independently certified
to kill up to 99.99% of many harmful bacteria as well as mold. Daimer[R]
is considered one of the most technically advanced machines of its kind
in the cleaning industry. The vapor steam cleaner ejects pressurized
steam at temperatures as high as 356*F and at pressure levels up to 105
psi to help kill all kinds of germs, bacteria, and pathogens on
mattresses, upholstery, floors, wheel chairs, bed rails, and most other
surfaces in nursing homes.
Daimer[R]'s steam vacuum systems allow for the very convenient
and productive extraction that is lacking from most other brand's
models. Steam machines without extractors require floor cleaning with a
towel wrapped under towel clips, a method that lacks the efficiency
offered by the Mega 1000CVP.
To eliminate particulate matter from surfaces and help maintain the
quality of indoor air, the KleenJet[R] Mega 1000CVP steam cleaner comes
with exclusive HEPA filtration and Water Capture technologies. The user
merely fills the extraction chamber with some water, and all extracted
wet and dry particles plunge into the whirling water during the
simultaneous steaming and extracting process. The HEPA acts as a backup
to capture any possible straying particulates up to 3 microns in size.
The hot vapor generated by the steam vac is considered
"dry" since it contains only about 5% water. and dry vapor
generated by the commercial steam cleaner makes it ideal for use on
almost all surfaces in health care settings.
The KleenJet[R] Mega 1000CVP comes with more than 36 accessories
designed to help cleaning professionals manage a host of different
applications. It also features a lifetime warranty on the boiler.
For Additional Information:
To learn more about the KleenJet[R] Mega 1000CVP, visit the
company's website http://www.daimer.com/, or call Matthew Baratta
directly at (888) 507-2220. The vapor steamers are exported to most
countries worldwide.
About Daimer Industries, Inc.[R]:
Daimer Industries, Inc.[R] is the world-leader of highly advanced
carpet steam cleaner systems, industrial steam cleaner machines, power
wash equipment, and other machines with total models exceeding 600.
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