'cyber Monday' Highlights Online Holiday Shopping Rise

- [/] Photo The front of the Art Basel building. This years show attracted 303 of the worlds top galleries from 36 countries, showing the works of more than 2,500 artists. It drew more than 62,000 visitors, a new record. - [/] Photo Platform Gallery's Chen Wei and one of his "Recovery Room" series at Liste Young Artist's show. By the time the week was over he had sold more than 10 works, with prices ranging from $1,800 to nearly $3,000.

Why the 2014 Holiday Shopping Season Should Isaac Dabah Start in February

However, to do that, you have to already be spending a significant chunk of change on that data plan. RECOMMENDED: Are you a smart shopper? Take our quiz. What about the rest of us? Ive found a few techniques that work really well for this kind of comparison shopping, and the best tool of all is price matching. Heres the trick: most major brick-and-mortar stores offer some sort of price-matching policy.

Holiday shopping? How to use price-matching policies effectively.

As discussed at our kickoff, there is not much that can be done in the short term regarding the challenges that retailers are facing due to the short "official" holiday shopping season, given that Thanksgiving is so late this year (Nov. 28, as opposed to Nov. 22 last year). And the problem will recur next year, with only one day's relief, as Thanksgiving in 2014 falls on Nov. 27. (It will be 2018 before Thanksgiving falls as early as Nov.