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DESIGNER HANDBAGS: Christian Dior Autumn/Winter 2013 variety - Shopping Bag Feature - on her behalf bite to eat, the blonde wearing a fashionable but finished look of blue distressed trousers using a white top - not the best choice for wet-weather - which she concealed in to the pantis waistband. The celebrity accessorised her search using an of dark suede rentals using a little reddish Chanel bag as well as a metallic foot. Originally found at Set in embroidery across clutch luggage, purses bags and conventional woman shapes, the Warhol drawing of the illusion heeled boot offers the key theme for Dior. Behind the Cinderella slipper nonetheless, there's nevertheless not much less to become observed because of metallic shades, clean and playful decoration -dwelling nudes. Prepared for a deeper look? have a look at the initial version these generally include any type of extra looks or video clip by stopping by