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Sap B1 and Ramco ERP solutions target small and midsized companies. Sap B1 is most beneficial fit for that companies who've grown quickly and need to integrate each of the CACUOCVN areas of their business together. Ramco can be acquired as ERP at will so that it is an ERP solution inside the reach of mid and small enterprises.

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Sap B1 is accessible as single integrated application having 14 modules to provide treatment for its users. It has sales, inventory, administration, purchase, financial, business partner, MRP, production, human resource, sales opportunities and banking modules to execute all of the activities in the functioning of an company. Apart from these modules, Sap B1 contains reports module which includes pre-defined and user defined reports, user defined reports were created by the user to get information in the manner they prefer to determine, which gives them the ability to investigate the information more intense and accurately easily.

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