CTM Maps for Minecraft

Complete the Monument (CTM) is a special type of minecraft (from this source) map that was originally produced by Vechs, it involves a brilliant Hostile set of maps that the gamer needs to accomplish.

In CTM, the gamer must discover their own way and survive through a challenging environment, even though playing they also needs to gather certain items which are specific by the map maker. Typically, these items are sixteen Wool Blocks, but others that could also be used are Colored Clay, Tinted Cup and Music Discs.

Traditionally, CTMs will demand more effort from the player than Vanilla Minecraft, it involves using custom-formed monsters, tough settings and creator controlled bounties. Here are some popular Complete the Monument maps that are available today:-

Verdous Passage

This is a brief but still demanding CTM map where the objective is to find two different blocks, then use them to finish the task ahead. This is not a simple feat as the setting is based in an ancient cave with monsters living inside, the creatures have been waiting around for many centuries to consume any miner who walks through their cavern.


Expect to fight hard battles with dangerous monsters that are protecting the wool blocks which they deem very sacred, after retrieving both blocks from these creatures you need to then return them back again to their correct place.

If you are a newbie to the map, it’s recommendable to create difficulty level to normal so that the overall game may be manageable. Also note that the monsters can spawn randomly, and you only have one chance to finish the map.

The Jungle

It’s a CTM map where the main objective is retrieving 4 wool blocks and environment them on a monument at the time of spawn. You’ll need to fight evil monsters while also protecting yourself from falling down to probable death, upon finding all of the wool blocks the next thing to do is returning them back again to the shrine.


The setting is a jungle island hovering high up in the clouds, there are always a total of 4 wool blocks that you have to retrieve from 4 different floating islands. Nevertheless, this is not an easy task as there are monster spawners pass on all across the map.

All the wool blocks needed to complete the monument are found in special chests, plus there are also treasures to be retrieved. The blocks have to be found one at a time and positioned in the monument, once a unit has successfully been placed you need to go out and locate another one immediately.

For this game, you have to play on optimum difficulty with no crafting.

The Cave

The Cave is known as a mini CTM map, but that doesn’t indicate it is a short map. On average, it would consider you around 1hr to complete the game considering you’re not in virtually any rush. The objective is venturing out to find 2 precious wools which are required to complete the monument.

However, there are many monsters and other obstacles on the way which you must overcome in order to get ahead.


To start the video game, you must first step forward to the enchantment stand and then look down towards the cup block. Shatter this cup to fall down and perish, then you’ll be immediately re-spawned at where the real adventure starts from.

The main goal of the map is finding one black and one red wool, then completing the monument by putting two blocks within the structure bought at the start of the CTM map.

In this game, the spawn occurs in a room where you have the opportunity to read all of the policies and rules, including recommended settings for the play. However, it’s also recommended to read the rules found further listed below so as make things simpler for you.

Additionally, The Cave includes a changing kind of terrain whereby the map appears quite innocent at first, but soon after stepping in to the cave it’s filled up with scary monster spawners and cobweb.

In overview, CTM maps are of help for players who value challenging environments and marathon gaming experience. There are many other styles of Minecraft CTM Maps aside from those mentioned above, like the Spheres, Claustrum, Snowy Hell 2 and The Nightmare amongst others.