ct scan

i found out the results for my ct scan and heart scan turns out everything is going good!! heart test was great and the ct scan showed that everything is shrinking(not gone but shrinking is good too) Im so tired of everything, cant wait till its done! haveing my fifth treatment tomorrow my sister is going to go with me which is great cause we don't see each other very often its just to bad I've got to go to chemo. I go for another ct scan after my 6th treatment and if it hasn't shrunk lots between now and then I'll just have radiation and then I'll be done. but, if it is still shrinking i'll need 8 treatments then radiation its just to bad I have to wait till mid april to find out!! I want it over with now! i want to feel normal again! if I can, cause Im afraid I may never feel normal again even after all this is done....



That is great news! I know all those feelings just wanting it all to be done and over with and back to a normal life. You will be there soon! Then you can move on and enjoy life and never look back! The sky is the limit!!

I ended up having to have 8 treatments, which I was really upset about, but in the end it was also a good thing. Those last 2 treatments made it disappear and I ended up having to do NO radiation!
Either way, no matter what path your fight may take, just stay positive, fight hard, and when you are there.... life will return and be better than ever before!
You are almost there! I\'m so happy for your positive results! Congrats!