I am writing because I have no more answers and no one to turn to. 
The last 5 years have unravelled me to the core. I feel gutted.
My problems may not seem that serious, but they have represented the complete destruction of everything I am.
I love the lost of my life 5 years ago. I lost my school program, I lost my mother's support and left the city closest to my heart all in span of 1 year.
LIfe has been a steady down fall since. 3 years ago I lost my best friend. This Best Friend meant the whole world to me. I gave her my heart and soul - and she did as well. Her big move to the Big City meant bigger fish and a bigger world. I was left in the dust. 
My step father died 2 years ago. I have not been able to come to terms with this loss.
I lost my 2 other good friends - moved on to bigger and better pastures. Only 1 friend remained.
My sister lost herself and has ended up in the mental hospital after my stepfather had passed. He was the only stable family figure we had ever known.
I have been almost fired from my job. My coworkers are ruthless, cruel and cold. I am but a leaf, a faint shadow of the person I once was.
Not sure what's left. I am broken, and devastated. I tried. I really.really.really. Tried.