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Hopefully this is final acceptance that crowdfunding no longer is two words or demands a hyphen. The 150 year old tome which is still printed, and available online of course, has announced they have admitted over 150 new words to the class of 2014. Perhaps a bit late to the game on crowdfunding, as the JOBS Act was signed into law way back in 2012 and the term itself has a history many years prior to its legislative use. Words come and go as we all know but I will guess that out of the new batch for this year none have greater meaning or impact than the disruptive innovation known as crowdfunding. You may also like... visit http://www.crowdfundinsider.com/2014/05/39003-brief-crowdfunding-added-merriam-websters-dictionary/

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tweet When porn performer Eden Alexander found herself with medical bills she was unable to pay, her friends did what many people do these days and held a fundraiser on GiveForward, a WePay platform service designed specifically for medical expenses. That all ended on Friday when WePay canceled the fundraiser, citing Alexanders retweets of messages from supportive porn companies. You will not accept payments or use the Service in connection with the following activities, items or services: Adult or adult-related services, including escort services, adult massage, or other adult-entertainment services; Adult or adult-related content, including performers or cam girls; and Obscene or pornographic items, states the companys terms of service. WePay then withheld some of the funds donated to Alexander for her medical bills, a action that prompted first Alexander to speak out against the company on Twitter and than an increasingly public outcry against the company for its perceived heartlessness. Alexanders GiveForward account has since been closed down, and the company has since full released all funds to her. In a statement on the companys blog in the aftermath of the Eden Alexanders story breaking, WePay noted that though they had no choice but to stop the payments because the material on offer is in direct violation of the companys policy, they are sympathetic to Eden Alexanders plight and willing to help. WePay is extremely empathetic to what Eden Alexander is facing and her hardship is unfathomable. We are truly sorry that the rules around payment processing are limiting and force us to make tough decisions. WePay notified GiveForward and the campaign has been shutdown as of May 17, 2014. visit http://canadajournal.net/health/crowdfunding-site-cancels-fundraiser-for-ailing-sex-worker-report-8380-2014/

(She reversed that policy after the backlash.) The following year fans of Veronica Mars contributed $5.7 million of a $6 million budget for a feature film. Scrubs star Zach Braff also turned to the crowdfunding site for $2 million in investment from the internet but later secured an additional $10 million in financing from a studio. Both cases led to questions of why famous, well-connected Hollywood millionaires were asking fans to bear most of the risk for their creative ventures. Of course, the most prominent campaign in recent memory was the infamous aCrackstarter,a an attempt by the gossip site Gawker to raise $200,000 in order to pay drug dealers for a video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine a stretching not only the spirit but also the legality of crowdfunding. Despite those high-profile campaigns, however, Kelly Straughan says the basics of crowdfunding have not changed. visit http://www.canada.com/entertainment/Should+rich+famous+crowdfunding+their+projects/9860176/story.html

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IndieGoGo had previously raised $56.5 million, including a $15 million round in June of 2012 and, most recently, a $40 million round in January of this year. Previous investors includeInstitutional Venture Partners, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Insight Venture Partners, MHS Capital, Metamorphic Venturesandff Venture Capital. Indiegogo says it will use the new funding to expand internationally, though it did not provide any specifics on which regions it was looking at, as well as a deeper focus on mobile. Launced in 2008 with the goal of democratizing the fundraising process, IndieGogo says that is hashosted more than 200,000 campaigns in that time, with more than 12 million people visiting the site every month. visit http://vator.tv/news/2014-05-20-indiegogo-gets-new-funding-from-high-profile-investors