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Perhaps on some level there is truth to some facets of these stereotypical roles that are pounded into the minds of the American TV viewer. It is not, however, the image of the justice system I see in my day-to-day work as a public defender.One of the most critical questions will be whether the - address - prosecutors can present evidence relating to the many other accusations made against Cosby by other women. The judge's ruling on this issue may end up being the turning point in the case.Kevin SaliCriminal defense attorney in Portland, OregonThis summer, Judge Gorcyca in Oakland County, Michigan shocked the world when she bullied the Tsimhoni children (then ages 9, 10, and 13), compared them to the disciples of Charles Manson, and sent them to juvenile detention for refusing to see their father who they claim - - is abusive.A recent - visit here - case in Suffolk County may have made it more difficult to prosecute driving while intoxicated by drugs, a violation of Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 1192(4), also called DWI Drugs.Andrew StengelFormer prosecutor in the Manhattan - Get the facts - District Attorneys Office, current New York City-based criminal defense attorneyThe pressure upon the innocent to lie and admit guilt exists not only at the end of the process when seeking liberty after conviction - Get the facts - and confinement, but at the beginning when the possibility of confinement first looms.