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Police officers often lack the training to approach the mentally unstable. This lack of training, of course, makes little sense, given the significant size and possible threat of that - - very population -- of an estimated eight million Americans living with severe mental illness, half are untreated.In September, the IRS proposed giving nonprofits the option of providing more information about people who contribute $250 or more. What kind of information you ask?Adam LevinAuthor of Swiped. Former Director New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs; Chairman of and IDT911As I celebrate the holiday season surrounded by loving family and friends, my thoughts turn to the millions of incarcerated men and women surrounded by cold steel prison bars. In the holiday spirit of compassion, and with an ever-present eye toward public safety and correctional reform, I have compiled a list of my top five wishes for the incarcerated.State officials in New York are reforming their policy of keeping people convicted of non-violent offenses in solitary confinement. Some hail the decision; others, including corrections officers, object, saying that solitary confinement is necessary to maintain control, and they say that keeping an individual in solitary confinement is not inhumane.Judges play a critical role in a typical criminal case, not only in the most direct ways--delivering bail and sentencing decisions--but also through managing trial speed. For example, it is estimated that two-thirds of Palm Beach County's inmates are awaiting court appearances.Jeffrey ColbathChief Judge of the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit in Palm Beach County FloridaAt the rate of 90 more Americans killed by guns every day and more high profile mass shootings every week, we may no longer risk going to Star Wars or the movies in the future.The Urban Institute released a "Prison Population Forecaster," which reveals some uncomfortable truths about the steps required to end mass incarceration.Some people were surprised when West Virginia became one of the first Southern states to operate an above-ground syringe exchange program. But for Jim Johnson, now - check my site - retired Chief - RAPIDSERVICESGROUP.COM/ - of Police for Huntington, West Virginia, syringe exchange was a - here - common sense solution to an increasingly complex problem.Tessie CastilloAdvocacy and Communications - see this here - Coordinator, North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition