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In my policing career, I've been involved in well over a hundred polygraph examinations, including getting hooked up myself for a test drive.Somebody should be in the courtroom watching out for the interests of the 13 black women who have accused former Oklahoma City policeman Daniel Holtzclaw of rape and sexual assault. Even the prosecution can't get it right.What would cause someone to turn his or her back on family, friends, and Western comforts to commit horrific crimes and risk their own - - deaths? What would be the reason we're seeing a steady stream of young people traveling to the Middle East to join jihadists, including a growing number of young women and girls?The holiday season is a busy time of the year for identity thieves and other kinds of identity-related fraudsters. Scams abound, but if you follow a few simple rules, you can sidestep some avoidable holiday blues.Adam LevinAuthor of Swiped. Former Director New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs; Chairman of and IDT911If the records are created, stored and controlled by the police, and by extension the city, any accountability they might create will be vulnerable to the whims of political calculus or bald-faced self-serving corruption.The number of inmates in solitary confinement in the State - - of New York hit a three-year - - high this past September -- over 4,000 prisoners.Scott Budnick is very well known in Hollywood circles for producing the - - Hangover series and working on movies with director Todd Phillips. The films they make tend to be humorous and raunchy comedies but besides making big budget Hollywood movies Scott has another passion which drives him.Seth FerrantiEditor, Gorilla - - Convict; Journalist, VICE; Comic Creator; Writer; Actor; Director