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By: Building effective teams is critical to the success of any organizaiotn in todays turblument marketplace. But what exactly are the team building exercises that many undergo to build an effective team? The answer is that it depends. Team building exercises fall roughly into two categories:1.Team building events2.Team building trainingUnder team building events, team building exercises can include a focus on fun or learning or even bother. Fin team buildign events include team building exericeses randing from indoor events to outdoor events. Some team building exercises can be elaborate abd others verty simple. Team building exercises that fall into the fun area include scavenger hunts, building activities, experiential ropes courses, races and other interesting exercises. Team building events that fall into the learning event area include ropes courses, role playing and improvisational exercixes, as well as other team building exercises. Team building training exercises are a little different. Team building training includes exercises whjicha more intentionally build learning and perofmrnace impact areas. These can include both indoor and outdoor exercises. An example of indoor team building exercises for training purposes range from facilitated meetings to training exercises. Teams can complete team building assessments as well as receive feedback on their team performance. Team assessments include the MBTI, The DISC and the Five Dysfunctions of a Team assessment. Other - myers briggs temperament test - indoor team building exercises include simulations and role plays. Simulations and role plays allow teams to directly practice team building skills. Outdoor team building sessions include a different set of team building exercises. Outdoor team building exercies includes ropes courses, facilitated learning activities and other exercises that build team skills. Ropes courses are available in low and high levels. Many teams will chose the ropes course level that they feel will provide the optimal learning for their team. For example, teams that want to focus on interpersonal communication may prefer a low ropes course that featyres initaitve activities. Teams that want to focus on motivation, trust or innivaiton may chose a high ropes course. In either case, a ropes course can deliver high performance team building results. In conclusion, there are many options available to consumers interested in team building exercises. About the Author:For more information about Leadership training and Leadership development consultant please visit Published On: - Sales-ManagementSales-Management RSS Feed | RSS feed for this authorStill can't find what you are looking for? Search for it!