Crayola adult coloring books: Dirty coloring pages, mature content or harder?

When you read "Crayola adult coloring books" what was your first thought? C'mon admit it--you wondered are these dirty coloring pages with mature content or just harder coloring pages that require adult skills. Were you hoping for the latter? Those "sexy" adult coloring pages do exist, but not in Crayola adult coloring books. CNN Money reported Nov. 10 that these adult coloring books contain intricate designs that are more challenging to color. This is not to say that children cannot color them, only that children with as-yet not fully developed fine motor skills may struggle to color in the lines of the complicated pictures.Oh darn--no dirty coloring pages? Thanks Crayola for raising hopes! But really, aren't you glad to know that if you, as an adult, find coloring therapeutic--and many do--there are coloring pages for your level of skill? Crayola knows, from its 112-year history in the coloring business, that coloring books don't have to contain "mature content" to be adult. And seriously, isn't that a hilarious contradiction in terms? Adult subject matter is often puerile, juvenile content. "Mature content" often translates to doing immature things. Mature content may mean challenging themes which may be too upsetting for young children. But more often than not it's foul language, bed-hopping and middle school humor. But these adult coloring books truly are mature content. They're meant for grownups stressed out from too many adult struggles. And for relaxation, art therapy can't be beat. Adult coloring provides the "full gestalt" as Crayola spokeswoman Erika Merklinger so aptly put it. Crayola released 5 adult coloring books that retail for $9.99 each. Ahem, think adult gift exchanges. These would make good presents for the company work party. Or how about those silly extended family gift exchanges where you have to trade gifts with people you don't know? Pick up adult coloring books for cousin Maude whom you - Missogyny - haven't seen since you were three. Grab a few for gift exchanges with your hard-to-buy for brother or your sister who has everything! $10 isn't a bad deal for 80-page adult coloring books. They have perforated pages so you can frame your masterpieces, too. Crayola even offers free samples of adult coloring pages from their new books. Why not print "Through the Rabbit Hole" from the book "InSPIRALed" and give coloring a try? Look for Crayola adult coloring books at Target and similar stores.