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It seems as if on top of dealing with the transition from home to college, students are also faced with the challenge of dealing with their restless synapses. The University of Pennsylvania faced four suicides in a month and a half this past year: a frequency so high that people felt as if one suicide served as a trigger for the next. Some people were uncomfortable with how UPenn dealt with the suicides because the administration did not notify the entire student body about the deaths, and students felt as if they were left to grieve alone. Most people wondered why students who are so high-achieving, so close to graduating from an Ivy League school, would want to end their lives. For more, visit

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I mean lucky in that he didnt harm me. It harmed me emotionally all my life but he didnt physically harm me. Though she has been married to the former Incredible Hulk star and bodybuilding champion for 34 years, Carla Ferrigno said that she did not reveal the disturbing Cosby incident to her husband Lou until just five years ago. I said to Lou, I really need to tell someone because I feel that bringing all of this out in the public, Im one more nail in the coffin who will keep him from doing this again,' she told the radio interviewers Thursday, explaining why she made her allegations public at this time. For more, visit

Los Angeles, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 24, 2014 / Kickass Bodybuilding Guru , a new website dedicated to providing information on nutrition, exercise and attitude, is offering a no cost download of their latest manual that can help people achieve the perfect midsection. People who visit can get the complimentary download titled "How to Get Six-Pack Abs: The Secrets to Having a Great Looking Midsection." "The experts at Kickass Bodybuilding Guru want to help you reduce your body fat percentage," said the website's spokesperson. "With our helpful articles and advice, as well as our complimentary guide, you will start to shed pounds and get ripped." One section of the website is devoted to six-pack abs, offering advice on diet, pointers on exercise as well as 6 pack abdominal exercises . For more, visit

Bill Cosby Rape Stories: TV 'Hulk' Lou Ferrigno's Wife Says Cosby Attacked Her, 6th Woman Claims Rape

"OWNZONES' supports my mission to educate the world about achieving physical and mental health," said Obadike. "I love what I do and am passionate about creating multi-media content that empowers people to change their lives. OWNZONES is the perfect outlet to merge with my brand as it enables me to reach fans with video, written and audio content, all in one location." "It's exciting to attach such a well-respected, popular spokesman to our fastest growing genre of content, health and fitness," said Dan Goman, OWNZONES founder and president. "This comes at an ideal time as we head into the holidays and new year, a popular time for people to focus on self-improvement and improved lifestyle choices." Members will be able to access Obadike's channel ad-free for $4.99 a month beginning in late December and can look forward to health, diet, fitness and overall lifestyle segments created exclusively for OWNZONES by their own production arm, OWNZONES Media Network. For more, visit

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