Could This Stock Surge On The Ipo?

(Click for video linked to a searchable transcript of this Mad Money segment) Lately pro investors have been keeping a close watch on the IPO market in an attempt to generate outsized gains. Although Jim Cramer is concerned that the quantity of these hot IPOs feels a little frothy, he also said, "You don't have to like that fact in order to recognize the pattern and profit from it." And he added that many of the big gainers are coming out of the biotech sector. "Lately, we've seen tiny biotechs coming public and then skyrocket," Cramer added. "For example, Dicerna Pharma , Ultragenyx , Revance Therapeutics, and Auspex all doubled in the days following their IPOs. Source:

U.S. Hot Stocks: Hot Stocks to Watch

(HTZ) and James River Coal Co. (JRCC). Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (WMT) will allow shoppers to trade in used videogames for gift cards that can be redeemed in stores and online starting next week. Source:

Boeing: Hot Stock to Also-Ran as UBS Cuts Target

The reason: Problems with Boeings 787 production means cash burn will go on longer than expected. They explain: Our updated 787 learning curve analysis forecasts Boeings 787 cash burn at ~$6B in 2014, only slightly better than 2013. We see Boeings 787 cash burn improving by ~$2B/year beyond 2014, reaching breakeven in 2017, two years later than guidance We believe Boeing produced fewer 787s than its stated rate in Q2-Q4 because of 787-9 problems. When Boeing stepped production up to 7/month in May along with introducing 787-9 into the flow, it what stock to invest in today disclosed that it had produced 114 787s while its 10/month press release from January disclosed cumulative unit production at 155. Source:

Warning: Sell This Hot 'Cloud' Stock Now

The guesswork is most nerve-racking when a stock or group of stocks is hyped so much their prices rapidly begin soaring to unexpected heights and seem like they'll never stop rising. At that point, investors have a tough decision -- sell and lock in their gains, or hold out for more profits. It's a hard call to make. No investor wants to cash out only to find later they did so too soon and missed out some of the best growth their investment had to offer. Source: