Corrugated Plastic and Returnable Packaging

With all the continuous pressure in order to reduce costs reducing prices, there are still many companies who have not transformed into and even tried plastic corrugated returnable packaging. A lot of people claim that since their material won't be returned the reason to use something such as corrugated plastic that costs two and 3 x as much? Most of the time you'll find repetitive processes that would be an excellent candidate for reusable packaging using plastic corrugated just about any company. Companies which move products throughout their plant in paper boxes only to gather them up following the afternoon and discard them would benefit from using corrugated plastic cartons that could be reused again and again. Some plants make weekly deliveries for the same company yet utilize a new corrugated paper box each and every product instead of using a reusable package made from corrugated plastic that would remove the dependence on new boxes. Many plants use wood crates to ship material simply because they feel their products are better protected however they do not take into consideration how heavy and abrasive wood crates can be. Corrugated plastic can be made to scan a good wood crate with forklift access so that it can be returned and reused time and again.


Here are some of the advantages of using plastic corrugated returnable packaging:

o Corrugated plastic outlasts paper corrugated by 20-40 times.

o Plastic corrugated can be found in thicknesses which range from 2mm to 13mm thick, that's stronger than any corrugated paper product.

o Corrugated plastic enable you to duplicate any design produced from paper corrugated.

o Plastic corrugated is robust, lightweight, and impervious to moisture and most chemicals.

o Corrugated plastic is washable and reusable again and again.

o Plastic corrugated may be cleaned using mild soap and water.

o Corrugated plastic can be found in 14 standard colors.

o Plastic corrugated could be printed for optimum consumer appeal.

o Corrugated plastic works extremely well rather than wood, steel, and aluminum to produce lightweight yet strong internal dunnage for example partitions and shelves.

o Plastic corrugated can be lined with cross link foam or spunbond fabric for non-abrasive applications.

To summarize returnable packaging made from plastic corrugated will continue to impress companies both for industrial and retail applications. From small boxes to large material handling systems, using plastic corrugated returnable packaging could be a welcome addition for any company's important thing. There are plenty of things that can be achieved with corrugated plastic returnable packaging. Its uses are limitless.

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