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JimK share Dont hate me just because I vape You give up smoking and start vaping and think that people wont hate you because you are doing something healthier than smoking. Unfortunately, it seems that vaping may be less socially acceptable than smoking cigarettes. I assumed when I gave up smoking that people, would, n general, be pleased. I thought anyone who liked me a lot (my parents) would be relieved, for health reasons, and anyone who liked me but wished I would stop blowing smoke all over their nice clean homes (nearly everybody else) would be much more pleased to see me. I predicted a certain amount of hostility from committed smokers, for obvious reasons. What I never expected in a million years was to become a social pariah like never before. Because thats what we vapers are. Slightly worse than smokers. Its mainly an etiquette issue. We had just got used to the new rules surrounding smoking: roughly summarised, most people expect you to take your smoking outside, to avoid the children getting ideas, and the laundry in the airing cupboard acquiring the scent of Golden Virginia.