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Retailer listing suggests April 30 launch for Ubisoft???s delayed ???Watch Dogs??? - National Video Games
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Of course, this might just be - Carte Fnac - the latest inside a long line of speculation surrounding this release. One recent rumor stated that Ubisoft was planning on canceling the Wii U version of Watch Dogs, while a fraudulent trademark abandonment claim had some thinking Ubisoft was ditching the IP altogether. Hopefully Ubisoft could make an official statement inside forseeable future.
Meanwhile a striped-off iPod retails 'between 499 and 799 Euros (US $ 625 and US $1000) from American company and many operators, including Fnac, Boulanger, Darty or Surcouf. It pays high dividends: Apple has already sold nearly eight-million iPad. No operator around the globe has yet been licensed by Cupertino to market the magic tablet. Most likely, discussion not making it way between The American Company and French Distributors center on this item.