B left the house  the next morning, Jan.28, a Thursday.  Said he'd found a new possible girlfriend, had changed his clothes, had already ranted to me about what a terrible mother I'd been.  Caused me to self-examine.  I actually had an epiphany about that.  Which cleared up a lot of things for me, and I did a 9th Step to him, but that's getting ahead of myself.I am feeling kicked in the gut by the realization that he was prostituting himself with males for drugs.  Found notes in his room when I cleaned up the tweaker mess, made between himself and his visitors. Oh, and a used condom.  He hadn't had sex with his girlfriend there when she visited; I had insisted on it.  There are so many levels of pain around this for me. Then yesterday he told his dad that he'd stayed in a hotel near Seattle Center with a guy who found a room on PriceLine for $40, and that he hadn't had to pay.  Guess how that happened.I wouldn't care if he was gay.  But the fact that he's prostituting himself is just ripping me up......He was gone from that Thurs to Sat night with no phone call.  Finally about 7 PM he calls and asks if I'll open the door for him, he's forgotten his key.  I said we'd already changed the locks anyway.  We let him in, sat down in the den, calmly told him he'd not kept the agreement we made, and according to the consequences we'd already laid out, he was out of here, immediately.He left but asked to come back to get extra sweats, said he'd be sleeping outside that night and it was cold.He came back the next morning, after calling to see if he could clean up his garbage.  He did clear out a couple bags, but left the floor in his room covered in tweaker shit and the carpet soaked with spilled beverages.  That was when I made my apology for my end of things that he had accused me of.  But that belongs in AA Recovery stuff. Suffice it to say I had the humility to make an amends to someone who had just grievously wronged me.  Ironic, he hadn't remembered anything of the original episode or what he'd said the next morning before he left.  So in a way, I benefited from this whole episode. Truth.God will perfect his purpose in spite of us.  Hmmm.