Convergence Investment Partners Hires Senior Analyst Justin Neuberg

First Step to a Winning Investment Strategy

Through a family of independent asset managers, unified by deep market insight and fundamental research, Montage offers alternative investment solutions across the spectrum of asset classes and strategies that include mutual funds, closed-end funds and separate accounts. Collectively, Montage Investments managed $20 billion as of December 31, 2013. Visit The fund's investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses must be considered carefully before investing. The summary prospectus and statutory prospectus contain this and other important information about the investment company, and may be obtained by calling 877-6779414, or visiting . Read it carefully before investing. Mutual fund investing involves risk.

We saw consumers pull back over the holiday season, which is clearly not a positive sign for future economic growth. Large items in the form of durable goods are continuing to pile up as inventoryalso not a positive sign for economic growth, unless firms can be assured they are able to sell these goods. With this backdrop, it is difficult to see how economic growth will accelerate in any significant way over the next few months. With that in mind, you should consider an environment in which economic growth will continue to remain stagnant when formulating your investment mike dillard scam strategy. As Ive stated earlier, my readers know that Ive advised an investment strategy that steers clear of retail stocks. However, there are some companies that can continue growing even if economic growth remains muted. One sector is biotechnology. An investment strategy that incorporates some biotech companies can help mitigate overall portfolio volatility, even if economic growth were to weaken. People get sick regardless of the strength or weakness behind.economic growth.