Consumer Credit Counseling In Austin, Texas

There are many people out there like you who are grappling with huge debts. These are the type of people who needs consumer credit counseling. In other words, if you are alright with your financial situation, then you may not need consumer credit counseling. It thus means that you have been able to manage your funds effectively. But if you are down with lots of unpaid bills and huge debts, then you must get all the hints provided in this article.
There are a few considerations, however, that need to be factored into your final decision regarding debt settlement, and probably the most critical of these is the availability of sufficient funds to follow through with the agreed-upon settlements with your creditors. You see, if it's simply not realistic that you'll be able to fund the negotiated settlements with your creditors, your choice has already been made for you, and debt settlement is not the solution for you.
Dyslexia is defined as "A learning disorder marked by impairment of the ability to recognize and comprehend written words". Financially, are you able to recognize and comprehend the financial signals around you? Those signals might look like constantly being cash poor, having zero consistent monthly savings plan, or carrying a serious amount of debt.
As consumer debt began to increase rapidly in the late 90's, hundreds of opportunistic new companies set up shop in the area of credit counseling to provide similar services on a for-profit basis. Many of the new companies positioned themselves as credit counselors and alluded to being non-profit organizations while operating very much like any bottom line oriented corporation. To broaden their offerings with higher profit margin services, many of the firms began offering services that weren't considered to be credit counseling at all including referral agreements with bankruptcy attorneys, mortgage brokers, and real estate agents which were often not disclosed to the borrowers which had signed up for counseling.
Most debt elimination programs will last no longer than 5 years making a 2% payment each month. Most credit card payments range from 2% to 4% of the balance and will take about 14 years to repay if you pay only the minimum amount. Working with a debt consolidation company will allow you to consolidate your consumer debt into a single account that will require only one payment each month.
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