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We know job costingWhether you're a commercial or residential developer, you have to know what your costs really are so you can make an accurate bidand make an adequate profit. We act as both your accountants and management consultants to help you do just that. For example, we had a client who was not allocating enough overhead to their large jobs. As a result, when they looked at their gross profit on the sale of a home, it was a bogus number. We helped this home builder identify the costs that should be allocated.Make informed decisionsWe can help you make informed capital investment decisions. If your business has outgrown your space, for example, we'll consider the things you need to make a financially sound choice about movingwhether you should lease or buy, for example, or what time of the fiscal year works best for your accounting system. Or perhaps it's time to invest in a major piece of equipment: What's the best way to finance it? Will the timing impact the financial ramifications of a purchase? By looking forward and investigating every possible outcome, we can help you make smarter financial decisions now to improve your profitability in the future.We'll advise you on complicated transactions too, such as mergers and acquisitions, buy/sell agreements, and even how to structure your business to manage your risks and tax liabilities: whether to choose a corporation or LLC, for example.Construction accounting softwareConstruction accounting software can deliver a huge benefit to your business, if you're using the right system for your setup. Shannon & Associates has the accounting software expertise to ensure you choose the best software and get it configured to fit your specific needs.