Ma is constipated again. This was the reason I took her to the hospital the day before Thanksgiving & they kept I'm not doing that again if I don't have too. I'm using stool softners and Senna.  A little while ago I went to the last resort, magnesium citrate. That always works it's going to be an explosive mess...something to look forward to.
I get mad and frustrated because she wouldn't be so constipated if she simply drank more water or fluid. I've told her this. The VNA nurse told her this. Her doctor told her this.  3-4 glasses of fluid is all she's drinks a day. I get resentful that she won't help herself with this simple solution while I have to 'fix it' and deal with her discomfort.
After I gave her the magesium citrate she got severe stomach pains. It scared me I hope I didn't make it worse. Now she's napping.
At least today was better than yesterday. She had less discomfort today.