Congenital Heart Infection Open Heart Surgery For Babies and Toddlers

O-n 1 December 2002 I had little exposure to heart dis-ease however just 10 days later was in the Pediatric Intensive Care Uni-t (PICU) bedside of our baby who needed lifesaving open heart surgery.

While many diseases are very well known, the next are little known facts:

Heart problems are present in 1 in 10-0 children

Heart disease in children may be the primary cause of childhood death in Australia accounting for thirty days of all child deaths.

Almost twice as many kids die of congenital cardiovascular disease when compared with all childhood cancers

In 80-second of cases the cause is essentially unknown.

The wonderful thing is how far surgery and medicine has progressed allowing another chance for many children like ours that only twenty years ago wouldn't have survived.

While there's a range of different abnormalities that can happen, reconstruction was required by our newborn baby for a coarctation of the aortic arch, reconstruction of both aortic and mitral valves and closing of a Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD).

The mitral and aortic valves were thin and the anatomy of the valves was somewhat different to what they should have already been. This fresh portfolio has collected thought-provoking warnings for where to see about this concept. Though the aortic valve reconstruction was quite effective, the mitral valve is far more sophisticated and following surgery the gradient across the valve was still high thus leaving our child with mitral valve stenosis (narrowing of the valve).

This particular surgery took 5.5 hours and the stakes were high an one in ten or 10% possibility that our daughter would not survive.

Following surgery the next 24 hours is observed as a vital period where if issues are going to be encountered, that is likely to be the period. This is simply not to state that post 24 hours means everything is fine and dandy. Recovery in our case was slow with a further five days in the Pediatric Intensive Care Uni-t for weaning off the ventilator which helps and at times sounds breathing, in addition to waiting for the heart to stay so that pacemakers and other drugs are no longer necessary.

Much of the recovery period is trial and error or maybe more like careful monitoring and modification as necessary. For example subsequent heart surgery patients are fluid restricted to aid the task the heart has to do thus attempting to stop the build up of fluids resulting in heart failure. On-the other side of this money however is the fact that someone can then find yourself dehydrated. Get further on by browsing our elegant wiki.

It is hard to know whether advance knowledge of a heart condition in an unborn baby will be better than the surprise we experienced with analysis two days after the beginning of our child. In any event it's a tremendously demanding procedure that in our case didn't and hasn't finished with all the surgery following birth. In case people wish to learn new information on , we know about heaps of databases people might think about investigating. Clicking possibly provides warnings you should use with your dad. In many cases further surgery is needed, for all of us another reconstruction of the mitral valve at two years old and further surgery is expected with final replacement of the mitral valve with an artificial valve.

The unknown during our process and in many cases is if the next surgery is going to be required. For these cases, families of babies, toddlers and kids go from day to day, week to week, month to month, and sometimes year to year ahead of the next call to surgery comes.

For those in an identical situation our thoughts and prayers go out to you. For anyone interested, the incredible story in relation to the ongoing saga with your daughter are available at