Conference Speakers & Team Building And The Way They Synchronise.

Without having a speaker or speakers/facilitators, there is not any conference and in conference planning, there may be usually a theme or a topic which needs to be discussed and helpful information and insights to be passed on to the attendees.Often, conferences are connected to performance, team bonding, motivation, productivity, support systems, gaining helpful knowledge and input from personal experiences usually however, the key note speaker may perhaps not have anything at all to do with any of the desired results of the seminar but is invited to throw in something very different to refresh and also at times to upturn stuck ideas!!There are many talented speakers, motivational or otherwise in South Africa to choose from. There are trainers who run three or four day workshops working individually yet in a group dealing with self development and relationship.Relationship. An interesting word to ponder on for a while have we all considered that we are in fact in relationship with everything on this planet? Whether it be in relationship with a spouse, a sibling, a parent, a pet, a peer, a boss, Mother Earth, wild life, the weather, money, lack of money, feelings, thoughts and well yes .. absolutely everything in this life is in relationship with everything else. In this vast field of study there are some awesome workshops available facilitated by some awesome trainers, who are willing to run their workshops from anywhere providing numbers in attendance make it viable for them to travel. Perfect for the corporate group of 20 or more staff members.Links you might find useful in sourcing the perfect speaker, trainer or coach are:Life Dynamics (Steven Gullen)True Point (Stephen Norval)Insight Training (Dr. Baruch Banai)Speakers Inc.Guest SpeakersPeter ChealesMotivational Speakers South AfricaSpeakers of NotePatricia Glyn (Eco Adventurer)Marie Grey SpeakersThe other Michael Jackson.comConference Speakers InternationalHow are speakers, conferences and Team Building synchronised?Where time permits, an afternoon spent in Team Building is incredibly valuable to organise and get into the appropriate perception, ideas which might still be floating or flying all over the place those gleaned from a speaker and his or her presentation, those learned from the conference content and those insights delegates have got from their peers, while networking or simply having a social chat while attending a conference. Perhaps many of these people would otherwise never have met all this adds value to the conference delegates experience.Team Building is designed to meet many needs and the experts in this field will purpose build an itinerary for an afternoon or morning or evening where your own specifics will be addressed, played out, in a light hearted manner on the stage of fun and activity It might be about team support, working as one it might be about building self belief, or self respect or being forced out of your gold-fish bowl to expand yourself and experience what else is out there . Or it might be about sharing, about playing as equals on the games field and these dedicated team builders, speakers, trainers, facilitators are trained and experienced enough to understand your companys specific needs. They are good people to know and keep in your address book! Some I know of Beach and Bush AdventuresMovers and ShakersBeyond Team BuildingThe Team Building CompanyThe Drum CafeLife DynamicsTrue PointQuantum AdventuresDownhill AdventuresIf any readers have some valid, interesting points to discuss, please make this your platform. We welcome your input, your experience, your ideas and creativity and besides, networking is a fantastic means of connection!