Computer back up :)

My computer was down for a few days. What a bummer. But, thanks to a friend of mine that knows computers, Im back up!!! At therapy yesterday I was feeling down. JUst a hard day at work and I was exausted. My therapist like went through and reminded me of all the positives. We went through the the last 6 months and highlighted things that have changed for me. Admiting that there was abuse (incest) with my brother after 25 years of keeping the secret to myself, talking about it, telling my sister, and of course being on a website where others can relate and offer support! I feel very lucky today. Blessed to know that there is hope for me to live a truly happy life!! I think there is hope for all of us because we give support and hope to each other. There is alot of healing energy here!!  Today Im focusing on eating healthy, exercising, spending time with my son and mother, then later with my niece. My prayer for myself is to stay "up" and not let the past pull me down!!