Common Co-Occurring Disorders

Signs and symptoms of standard co-occurring disorders

The mental health issues that most typically co-occur with drug abuse are clinical depression, anxiety disorders, and bipolar illness.

Common signs of depression

Sentiments of helplessness and hopelessness

Loss of interest in day-to-day activities

Incapacity to experience pleasure

Food consumption or weight changes

Sleep changes

Loss of energy

Substantial feelings of insignificance or guilt

Concentration troubles

Temper, physical pain, and reckless conduct (especially in males).

Standard signs and symptoms of mania in manic depressive illness.

Sentiments of elation or severe irritation.

Unrealistic, grandiose beliefs. for sleep.

Amplified energy.

Quick speaking and racing thoughts.

Reduced judgment and impulsivity. .

Anger or rage.

Standard signs and symptoms of anxiety.

Tremendous tension and worry.

Feeling restless or jumpy.

Frustration or feeling "edgy".

Racing heart beat or lack of breath.

Queasiness, trembling, or lightheadedness.

Muscle tension, headaches.

Trouble focusing attention.