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There are many forms of energy such as kinetic energy, radiant energy, potential energy, electric energy etc. Electric energy is one of the most important energy for human civilization. Solar power is the latest form of electric energy. In this form of energy we use sunlight to produce electricity. Photovoltaic or concentrated solar power is used to convert sunlight into electricity.

Solar panel is a product that can produce electricity with the help of sunlight. At present this technology is very popular because the other sources of electricity are getting costly day by day. By using solar power we can reduce the pressure of electric energy crisis. 40% of the total population of earth can’t use electricity because of its cost. But day by day the demand of electricity is getting higher and higher. So in this situation solar power can be the best option to solve the next generation electricity problem. Solar panels are now very cheap in market. There are many companies in the market who sell commercial solar panels. These companies give different types of solar promotions or offers on different festivals. Flexible solar panels are now available on the market. These Solar panels are very light and tensile. Day by day this kind of solar panels are getting popular. But in the market there are many solar panels which don’t have the quality also there are many replica solar panels. Some companies offer quality full solar panels but they are very high in prize. If you search in internet for “solar panels for sale” you will get lots of companies who are selling solar panels in a cheap rate. But most of the companies have hidden prize, terms and conditions. So you can be disappointed by their approach.  So to get a better solar energy system first you must make a better solar finance to get the high quality in the cheapest prize. 


Gem energy is an Australian company who sells commercial solar panels. I searched about the company in internet and found that they ensure the quality product with the highest possible low-cost rate. They said that every single business which operates during the day should have a solar system. This will improve your appearance and off-set your carbon liabilities. It will also increase your business value. The benefits of applying this system are that it is tax deductible, savings on electricity bill and carbon charges, lease to own packages available, improve brand image, advertising opportunities, backup power in cases of grid failure, money back in 2-5 years.

Not only for business Gem energy is offering this system also for home. They think that most of the people who want solar panels are unable to bear it. So to purchase solar panels they are using a plan called “Pay as you save repayment”. They compare your weekly repayments for your solar system with your weekly savings on your power bill. In this plan the interest rate is 6.12%. The most important thing of this plan is they don’t try to sell you a system too big or too small because the commerce won’t stake up. A standard 5kW solar system installation will cost more or less $36 per week and can save upwards of $49 per week if you take a 5 year repayment plan. This is pretending that you are able to use all of the power that is produced by the solar panel.

Suppose you have a bill of around $600 per quarter. Now if you are a standard family then you can expect to save around $40 per week. But with a $600 bill a 5kW system will not make sense if you use all the energy in the evening and nothing during the day because you will simply be transferring power back to the grid at a low value. This plan is designed as most of the people can take it and try the solar system for a better future. They are also saying that no deposit is necessary for this plan so if you are interested in solar panels then you should talk to them first. This can be the best option for you to apply solar system in your home or business.
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