Coming Clean About My First Colonoscopy

In order for the doctor to do a thorough exam, the patient needs to prepare by fasting; I drank only liquids the day before the exam. He or she may also be required to chug down a solution that will ... let's just say keep them at home, near a bathroom. "It literally takes a whole day away from your life, where you could be doing normal things and instead you are drinking this bowel prep that is uncomfortable and that limits your social life," Kalloo said. Following the instructions I was given, I started fasting the day before the procedure. I was restricted to certain fluids and particular colors of Jell-O (nothing red or purple.) I spent the morning longing for my usual massive cup of coffee and substantial breakfast and instead downed water, Gatorade and chicken broth. Around 5 p.m., the fun really started. I began drinking a liter of a polyethylene glycol (PEG) bowel prep. I had to down 8 ounces of this stuff every 15 minutes followed by 16 ounces of clear liquid. I drank another liter several hours later while trying not to vomit. The manufacturers said the solution was lemon-flavored; it really resembled a noxious mix of chemicals that I can still taste to this day. Dr. Gene Yoon, my gastroenterologist, concedes that for most patients, the preparation is the worst part. Yoon and other physicians now use magnesium citrate, which he said requires patients to drink less, is easier to tolerate and works just as well. By the time I arrived at the Knott Family Endoscopy Center the next morning, I was nervous and praying the worst was over. It was. linked here