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With so many changes in everything from the family dynamic to the cost of living, we have seen a lot of positives in terms of equality and opportunity in the western world. There's more freedom and a healthier and increasingly equal focus on career between genders that simply didn't exist fifty or even thirty years ago. This shift in expectations mean that, where once you had two parents, a mother who stayed at home and a father who worked, dual incomes are suddenly the norm with both parents invested in full-time employment. Without a stay-at-home parent in a lot of situations, childhood education and early childcare has become an important part of modern living.
Yes, we wake up and do the same routine over and over again. That isn't our problem! As a 17 year old teenager, I grew up just outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia. I chose to move away to Trinity College School in Port Hope, Ontario. After 2 years there, I came to Ottawa to play hockey. As any hockey fanatic would know, at the end of the season, we are supposed to go back to our parents and finish our schooling there. Now, that means I should be graduating in Nova Scotia. Everybody knows that Ontario has a much better education system then Nova Scotia does. Here is our problem.
And if you're trying to improve your prospects by gaining an education, the pressures of working and family life can crowd out any time you had for taking classes. Gaining access to higher education can be tricky for any working adult. For women, who typically take on the lion's share of family and household responsibilities in addition to their jobs, education is often even more out of reach.
Some studies suggest that persons who were victims of child abuse as a youth are likely to be victims of physical abuse as an adult (Robertiello, 1998). When victims do not reach out for assistance, they can fall prey to the cycle of continued abuse such as re-victimization including rape, domestic abuse, pornography and prostitution. This occurs when a victim is looking for a place of acceptance and belonging. The sex industry and pimps prey on girls and young women who are easy targets due to low self-esteem. The cycle also becomes evident when victims of violence reach out in search of other abusive behaviors in hopes of numbing the pain. Some examples are drug and alcohol addictions, eating disorders, increased sexual behavior and Suicide. Oprah Winfrey often speaks out about her own devastation from being sexually abused. I would tell no one until I felt safe enough to share my dark past: the years I was sexually abused, from age 10 to 14, my resulting promiscuity as a teenager, and finally, at 14, my becoming pregnant. (Winfrey, 2007) It has been well documented that victims of abuse often gravitate toward other abusers or become abusers themselves. Nevertheless, one of the main problems associated with victims of violence is the destruction of self-worth, depression, and oftentimes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. All forms of violence against women and children have devastating effects on the victim's self-esteem, which creates many problems to overcome creating a necessity for these women and children to receive help.
Once women are admitted into the programs, we're not sure how they fare. At present, there is no research or tracking efforts in place to record female medical students who drop out. Older research illustrated a larger number of women dropping out of medical school than men. However, the rationale for their departure was not academic. When you talk to women currently practicing in the medical field, they say that the dropout rates between men and women are just about equal, in large part because there are more women and so the pressure women feel can be more easily shared and dealt with. Because their numbers are going up, some of the previous practices in medicine are coming to an end because of outright discrimination.
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