College Student Dies During Awful, Bizarre Hazing Ritual

Jesus.A spokeswoman with regard to Baruch said Mr. Deng died following "an unsanctioned fraternity pledging event within the Poconos." Mitchel B. An Additional day, another terrible hazing incident. Deng had been on a retreat using 30 or perhaps therefore members of the Pi Delta Psi fraternity, after they engaged in the game referred to always be able to as Glass Ceiling. He apparently suffered the actual injury early Sunday however the frat members waited "some time" to adopt him for the ER. Wallerstein, the actual college's president, said in a statement he "had simply no knowledge associated with this event as well as the fraternity had been rushing a new pledge class."SCollege Student Dies Throughout Awful, Bizarre Hazing Ritual. last week, Northwestern University's university paper The Actual Day-to-day Northwestern" Read"Image through simply click the particular up coming post Flickr/EdenPicturesChun Hsien Deng, any 19-year-old freshman at Baruch College, the constituent college situated in Manhattan, died in Monday after having suffered "major brain trauma" whilst participating in the game within a fraternity ritual inside the Poconos. RelatedNo 1 Learns Something Through Awful Frat Hazing IncidentThis is the thing that we talk about whenever we talk about corrupt Greek life. This involves putting a hefty item on the blindfolded related webpage person's again then giving them verbal directions upon where to go while additional members in the frat tackle them. AKA, the particular shittiest, largest game ever