At Command Education, we provide college admissions counseling services to students seeking admission to medical colleges, Ivy League colleges as well as other highly selective universities. To get into a highly selective college, applicants must stand out from the tens of thousands of applications that colleges receive every year and this is the reason parents and students have been seeking assistance from educational consultants. Our admission counseling professionals are there to help you with that. Ivy League College Admission


Our experienced counselors give students honest, accurate and individualized attention throughout the college search and application process. As the academic performance is no longer the Holy Grail for top-tier universities, so in addition to extracurricular activities and test scores, our professionals refine the unique talents, passions, and strengths in the students. They set you apart from other students by placing your ideas and interests in the spotlight. The college applications help service provided by our experts helps you decide where to apply, guide you to create a custom roadmap to stay organized and show you how to stand out against the competition. 

Admission counseling is the first and most important step leading to a proper gateway to career counseling and we help you in every step of the way with our packages that are designed to give you maximum flexibility. We offer personalized help to ensure that you launch your college career right. Our coach will work with you to devise and implement a strategy, which will set you on the path to your dream college. In our college consulting service, our coach helps you to explore the variety of colleges and college options that could be right for you.

Applying to college is often a source of significant stress because students and their parents face dropping acceptance rates at both private and public colleges and universities around the country. The application process is complex for there are exams to schedule, lists of colleges to draft, essays to revise, letters of recommendation to request, test scores to boost, grades to maintain, extracurricular in which to excel, and above all, deadlines that cannot be missed.Students and families often waste hours of effort on pursuits that barely add to an application, while missing the most crucial ways to let a student shine. Work with the college application consultant of Command Education to navigate the entire process.

All our college admission consultants are recruited from the most competitive schools in the country and were recently successful in the college admission process themselves. They are always there to guide students with all their efforts. They help them polish their resume and prepare them for the college interview.

Register yourself with us to schedule a free college admissions consulting session with our experts. The application process is complex, and students and families often Waste hours of effort on pursuits that barely add to an application, while missing the most crucial ways to let a student shine. Work with the Ivy Academic Coach to navigate the entire process