Closet From The Future Cleans, Steams And Presses Your Clothes

Friends, your dream closetjust got a major upgrade. On one hand, it's kind of surprising a device like this doesn't exist already. On the other hand, who cares, it's a-comin' our way soon enough.Meet the LG Styler, a wardrobe that basically acts like an at-home dry cleaner. The slim closet will steam, press and deodorize your clothes in minutes. How does this futuristic "Jetsons"-like contraption work, you might wonder? All with the touch of a button. See for yourself:Inside the closet, hot steam fills the space to begin the de-wrinkling and deodorizing processes. The hangers then gently - Steamcleaner - shake back and forth to remove wrinkles, followed by the release of your preferred aroma to get your clothes smelling fresh. For pants, there's a separate press area that will keep creases crisp.The wardrobe doesn't exactly clean clothes that have stains on them -- it simply refreshes garments that need some perking up. Such convenience will cost you -- a representative for LG said the closet will be available for $1,999. Since its launch is scheduled for November, it looks like we'll have plenty of time to get organized before it arrives. This post has been updated to include the LG Styler's cost and launch date. href='' - -