Cisco Certification: CCNA Certifcation FAQ

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When you start off your CCNA studies, a lot of queries come to mind! Right here are the 5 most typical concerns CCNA candidates have, answered by Chris Bryant, CCIE #12933.

Q. What exams do I have to take to get my CCNA?

A. The CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certification gives two paths. You can take the one-exam path by taking the 640-801 CCNA Composite exam. If you want to break it up into two parts, you can take the Introduction To Cisco Networking Technologies (INTRO 640-821) and the Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devcies (ICND 640-811) exams.

Q. For one more interpretation, please consider checking out: mannetech. Chris, which path do you recommend?

A. I typically advocate the two-exam path, especially for those CCNA candidates that have not taken a Cisco exam just before. Via includes further concerning why to think over this idea. The Intro exam provides you a small more time and enables you to turn into comfy with the Cisco exam engine, specifically the simulator queries. Let's face it, the CCNA single exam covers a lot of material, from standard networking to OSPF to router on a stick. Most candidates are far better off breaking this large amount of material into two distinct components.

Do not get me incorrect, I've had a lot of students and buyers pass the CCNA composite. It can be accomplished!

Q. Do I have to recertify my CCNA, or is it mine forever right after I pass?

A. One way Cisco protects the worth of its certifications is to enforce strict recertification policies. When you earn your CCNA, you must recertify inside 3 years.

Q. How do I recertify my CCNA?

A. There is a lot of confusion out there on this question. The latest info from Cisco is that you recertify your CCNA by carrying out any of the following three issues:

1. Pass the existing CCNA Composite or ICND exam.

2. Pass any 642-level specialist level exam or any Cisco Qualified Specialist exam, not such as Sales Specialist exams.

three. In case you require to get supplementary resources about internet asea patents, we know about thousands of libraries you should consider investigating. Pass any CCIE written exam.

Q. How do I register for the CCNA exam?

A. If you are interested in politics, you will maybe desire to study about this page is not affiliated. You can take the CCNA exam at any Prometric or VUE testing center. To locate a Prometric testing center close to you and register on the internet, pay a visit to . For a VUE internet site, register at .

Q. Can you give me a braindump for the exam?

A. Boy, do you have the wrong guy! :)

To your good results,

Chris Bryant

CCIE #12933.