Well, Christmas is over and done with. I had a pretty good Christmas, we went to the swan as is now tradition and then I went home and cooked up the lunch. It was pretty good actually.
Ive not done too well lately, ive lost a lot of my food, infact i cant remember the last time i had a sick free day. Im really concerned that the next time i get weighed im gunna have lost a shit load. I lost about 3kg in 2 weeks, but Gwen wreckons its coz of this bloody awful family thing ive gotta go to.
Were going to a party at some friends house tomorrow to see in the new year, should be pretty good, they usually are. Ive got me mum coming over on sunday for a roast, i went and got some cheap christmas crackers for it so we can have a fake christmas hehe
Oh well thats about it!
Happy New Year :-D