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When it comes to setting up an ecommerce site, it’s vital that you choose the right hosting provider for your needs that can accommodate your needs, as Dan Rakar’s recent post on Techniblogic emphasizes.

Downtime can cause you to lose visitors and therefore sales, so its vital that it is kept to a minimum if it is to be permitted at all. When people can see your site isn’t performing as well as it could, they become reluctant to do business with you, which can be devastating for companies of all sites selling goods and services online. Even lag can cause would-be customers to go elsewhere, so it’s vitally important that your site performs as well as it possibly can do if people are to carry out financial transactions on it.

Various studies have shown that visitors are incredibly likely to leave your site if it fails to load within around 4 seconds or even less. The last thing you want is potential customers deciding to head elsewhere, especially when similar products and services are available from your competitors. If they do carry out a successful purchase somewhere else, there is little chance of them ever returning to you again. Slow loading times and settling for lackluster web hosting services are therefore not risks worth taking.

It’s also vital that you spend time thinking about backups. Look for companies that can promise you that your data will be backed up on a regular basis so “years of hard work” are not erased. Many people have come unstuck after opting for substandard ecommerce web hosting providers, so it really is worth shopping around and not sealing a deal until you’re confident you’re working with a company that you can trust who is able to boast a large number of satisfied customers. Always ask as many questions as you need to before sign up for a package and never agree to anything until you feel confident about their abilities.

Customer service is also incredibly important. Make sure you’re opting for a web hosting provider that will respond to any queries you might have quickly and will be able to solve problems as soon as they are discovered. You also need to ensure you have enough storage for your online shop to operate efficiently. Of course, it’s absolutely vital that security is of the highest standard so customers are confident with paying for goods or services online through your site. Private SSLs can help you boost your customers’ confidence in your site and will protect information including credit card details, logins and passwords. Do everything you can to remain one step ahead of would-be hackers.

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