Cholesterol fuels Breast Cancer

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Tumours were also more likely to spread. And human breast cancer tissue grew more quickly in the laboratory when it was fed 27HC. One of .. [read more] the researchers Prof Donald McDonnell said: A lot of studies have shown a connection between obesity and breast cancer, and specifically that elevated cholesterol is associated with breast cancer risk, but no mechanism has been identified. What we have now found is a molecule not cholesterol itself, but an abundant metabolite of cholesterol called 27HC that mimics the hormone oestrogen and can independently drive the growth of breast cancer. Treatment The researchers say their findings raise the prospect that lowering cholesterol can lower the risk of breast cancer developing. Statins are already taken by millions of people to cut the risk of heart disease. ..Read more at

Breast cancer patients mixed medication message needs explanation

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High-fat diet ups breast cancer risk

When human breast cancer tissue was studied, an additional correlation was seen between the aggressiveness of the tumor and an abundance of the enzyme that makes the 27HC molecule. The researchers also noted that 27HC could be made in other places breast cancer in men in the body and transported to the tumor. In related research, author Erik Nelson, Ph.D ., showed increased 27HC levels may reduce the effectiveness of aromatase inhibitors , which are among the most commonly used breast cancer therapeutics. According to McDonnell, this is very significant because it indicates human breast tumors have developed a mechanism to use a different source of fuel that can promote their growth. Thus, lowering circulating cholesterol levels as well as interfering with its conversion to 27HC may prove useful in not only breast cancer prevention, but also in avoiding (or at least delaying) those diagnosed and in treatment from developing resistance to endocrine therapies. ..Read more at

Diet and breast cancer: Lowering cholesterol plays key role in risk reduction