Chiropractic treatment for the back pain


Most people who have a serious back pain choose a chiropractic treatment. Among the 100% people who visit a chiropractor annually, 35% of them seek back pain relief. The back pain occurs due to many reasons. These reasons include but are not limited to sports injuries, accidents, muscle strains, etc. Chiropractic treatment involves the use of body’s musculoskeletal structure and the spine to heal the injuries. This treatment does not use any medication. It is a pain relief technique for joints, muscles, connective tissues, bones, etc. So, if you have back pain, you should consider going to a chiropractor.

Types of chiropractic therapies

To treat back pain, the doctors use various alternatives. They may use heat and cold to treat back pain. Applying hot water bottles helps improve the circulation which helps in the manual or spinal adjustment. Another course of action is special exercise. The exercise involves instructions for the patients to carry out on programs which focus on strengthening the lower back. Another form of treatment is by massaging the soft tissues. There are a few experts who also recommend dietary management. They ask them to take the supplements which for spinal manipulation.

Chiropractic treatment for back pain

When you visit a chiropractor in his clinic, he will first perform a physical examination. He will perform some lab tests before starting the treatment. It is how the expert diagnoses the problem. After diagnosis, he will manipulate the joints. It improves the range and quality of motion. Many experts also incorporate exercise and rehabilitation in their treatment plan. The goal is also to restore the functions of muscles and bones by treating the back pain.

Chiropractic adjustment

The Chiropractic adjustment involves:

  1. Spinal manipulation and manual manipulation. It is also known as the chiropractic adjustment. When treating the back pain, the focus is on the spinal manipulation and its surrounding structure. It is a type of manipulation in which the therapist applies a short lever arm thrust to the abnormal vertebra. The goal is to improve functionality. It also reduces the irritation of the muscles and restores the range.

  2. Joint Cavitation which is an audible release of gas (oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide) which releases the joint pressure

Benefits and risk of treatment

If your back pain is due to a sudden application of force, moving heavy furniture, then you should consider getting a chiropractic treatment. It works for lower back pain. If you have acute back pain, it will get better on its own after a few weeks. If the problem persists and the back pain is severe, you should go to the expert chiropractor.

There are no risks unless the person who treats you does not know the accurate diagnosis of the pain. The chiropractor should also know the medical history. If the expert treats without knowing the history of the problem, it may be risky. The chiropractors at the Arrowhead Clinic are experts at chiropractic treatments for back pain.