Chinese woman whips and kicks a toddler for wetting herself

This is the shocking moment a Chinese stepmother whipped, beat, kicked and stamped on a toddler, just because she wet herself.The young girl wails in agony and terror as her stepmother whips her 87 times with a branch, kicks her 14 times and gives her eight slaps to the face.Despite the entire ordeal being caught on camera, the police have refused to act - saying there is nothing they can do.Scroll down for videoHorrific: A Chinese woman was filmed beating her stepdaughter with a branch because she wet herselfThe toddler cowers against a wall as the woman switches the branch for her hand, striking the girl in the faceGrabbing the child by the ear, the woman throws her on to the floor before continuing her prolonged attackAbuse: The woman kicks the child square in the chest, knocking her back as she wails loudlyA witness to the horrific abuse watches from a window above the garden where the woman repeatedly smacks the child with a branch.The five-minute video starts with the child standing outside a house with her trousers around her ankles.She cries as her stepmother used a branch to smack her across the legs, striking harder each time.The woman screams as she beats the poor girl, who can barely stand as she takes a horrendous beating.The abuse continues as the stepmother slaps the toddler across the face, before asking the child to walk away.But as she starts to limp away, the woman whips her again, this time on the back of the legs.Disgusting: The stepmother stamps on the poor girl's head as the witness films the five-minute attackEvil stepmother: Chinese police say they will not take any action against the woman despite the beating being caught on cameraUpsetting: The crying child lies on the ground with her trousers around her ankles while her stepmother shouts at her for wetting herselfThe stepmother then starts kicking the child in the legs until she falls over, with the woman shouting at her as the toddler struggles back to her feet.The woman starts to walk away, the ordeal seemingly over, only to return and grab her stepdaughter by the ear, throwing her to the floor.She then stamps on the girl's head and kicks her in the face until the toddler is left cowering against a wall.At this point the girl's stepmother finally walks off, leaving the child sobbing in the - FootJob Addict - cold.Within a few hours of the video being posted online, people called for the woman to be arrested. However, the police said there was nothing they could do.One person commented: 'The little girl is so helpless and is innocent. How could a woman or a mother do this to such a young girl.'I cried a whole day for this, and my heart was broken. I wish the woman could be caught and put into justice.'Others questioned why the person filming had not stopped the woman from beating the child.