chilly breeze numbed fingers

A happy day when tears fell like raindrops
A raw, chilly breeze numbed fingers and splashed raindrops on shins and shoes. Hoods went up, collars were tightened and umbrella holders became your newest best friends.
A string of awesome spring days made the sudden bone chilling dampness even harder to take. But somewhere in the group, a young couple named Bobby Wholesale NFL Jerseys and Jessica Ashwell were enjoying the most beautiful day of their lives.
We'd all assembled at the Nashua Center some still call it the Nashua Center for the Multiply Handicapped that afternoon to watch the Ashwells and their huge Cheap NFL Jerseys family, which ranges from their mini army of six children up to great grandma, meet the answer to their dreams: a roomy, wheelchair accessible van in near showroom condition.
How the van came available, and how it got to the Ashwells, is a heartwarming story of how a series of individuals connected as one united tag team of social services on behalf of the proud, hardworking family that's facing a boatload of challenges, the most critical of which until last week was transportation.
The collaboration is known as the Nashua Wraparound Services Team, a panel of representatives from the city's larger human service agencies and the School District. At 15, the oldest such program in the state, the team's mission is to use its collective resources and experience to find ways to keep families together in their own home and keep children wholesale jerseys in school by helping them over life's rough spots.
For the Ashwells, that help meant adequate, dependable transportation, which was a near impossible task with their small, aging sedan. At the heart of it all was the increasing difficulty of transporting little Alani, whose disabilities have required the use of a wheelchair since birth.
Then there's the sheer number of children.
In addition to their own Alani and her older brother Bobby and Jessica were also granted custody of Bobby's sister's four children, two of whom have special needs, after she died at a young age a couple years ago.
Needless to say, the family instantly outgrew their little car, and trips with Alani meant hoisting her from her chair, securing her in the car, folding the chair to stash in the trunk, then reversing the process upon arrival.
"This family is a perfect example of what Wraparound does," said Brian Young, executive director of the Nashua Center and a Wraparound co founder. "Their lives changed so quickly. They needed the support."
As with cheap jerseys most such collaborations, this tale was sprinkled with a healthy dose of generosity, starting with the folks at Ride Away, a Londonderry based vehicle conversion and adaptive equipment specialist.
Ride Away General Manager Matt Laughlin, who was at the Nashua Center for "van Cheap Jerseys CHINA day" with Chief Executive Officer Mark Lore, said the firm works often with Young and the Nashua Center.
"One day, Brian called and said, 'I've got this family I need to tell you about,'" Laughlin said. "And when Brian calls, we do everything we can to help."
He and Lore contacted the van's former owner, and he was thrilled with the idea of putting it to work for the Ashwells.
Especially motivating for Laughlin, Lore and the donor, who prefers to remain anonymous, was the Ashwells' "hand up, not a hand out" attitude.
"Their situation isn't all that unique; it's the way they're handling their situation that's Cheap NFL Jerseys CHINA unique," Laughlin said.
Meanwhile, outside, smiles brightened the gray day while occasional tears of joy and gratitude blended with raindrops.
"I've never been so happy. I'm so thrilled that they got this van," said an emotional Roberta Butler, Alani's great grandmother. "She is getting bigger and heavier every day. It's very hard for Jessie to keep lifting her."
Butler pointed to the front passenger seat, where a temporary New Hampshire vanity license plate was lying: "ALANI+5."
"I couldn't have imagined this. She doesn't know how to thank them," Butler said of Jessica, who, with Bobby, practiced using the tie downs for Alani's wheelchair.
And the warmth keeps spreading: In the umbrella toting crowd was a large, soft spoken man named Ron Lewis, an owner of RK Auto Repair and a friend of Jessica and Bobby. Lewis will maintain the van, doing oil changes, inspections and the like, for a year free.
Jessica and Bobby have been together since high school they graduated in 1999 and married for 11 years, she said. He works as a full time mechanic at DeCelle's Auto in Nashua.
How does such a young couple manage such a huge, instant family?
"We do it. We manage," Jessica said, alternately cooing at Alani in their living room.
"I don't know what to say about all that Gateways and the Wraparound team has done for us. They got the kids into after school programs, helped us stay on our feet; and now, this van " she said, growing emotional.