Chicago Bans Indoor Electronic Cigarette Smoking

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Rey Colon, 35th, said he resents how people who oppose greater restrictions on e-smoking have been accused of not having childrens best interests at heart. I hate to keep using, I keep thinking of that movie My Cousin Vinnie the youths, the youths. We keep using the children as an excuse to pass any ordinance we want to pass, because who can deny the children? Colon said. In other action: Aldermen approved $13.8 million in lawsuit settlements. Nanny Jennifer Anton was pushing a stroller carrying a 20-month-old girl and shoved the child out of harm's way before drunken city worker Dwight Washington crashed his city pickup truck into a crowd on a Gold Coast sidewalk. v2 discount coupon codes offering the best smoking encounter., LEARN MORE AT:

VAPESTICK(R) and Bluebox Corporate Finance Founders Join Victory Electronic Cigarettes' Board of Directors

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Victory Electronic Cigarettes Corporation Completes Acquisiton of VAPESTICK, One of Europe's Leading E-Cig Companies

Michael Clapper was the co-founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of VAPESTICK(R), one of Europe's leading brands for electronic cigarettes and a founding board member of the European Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association (ECITA), before assuming the role of President International for Victory. Prior to forming VAPESTICK(R), he was the Founder & CEO at Enterprise Group, a UK-based company which became one of the UK's largest distributors of mortgages and loans, where Michael was also named as 'Business Leader of the Year' at the British Mortgage Awards in 2008. Mr. Clapper has an outstanding record of success in both financial products and FMCG, specializing in multi-channel marketing and distribution, start-ups, brand building, and e-commerce. save cash with v2cigs coupon code, LEARN MORE AT: