I know that i am a resilient person and that i have overcome things in my life that others have not been able to overcome. I want to remain strong and define myself based on the things about me that are positive and helpful.
I want to be able to look at my life with this new lens so that the more negative things have less impact on my entire person. I know this is possible and i am determined to remain focused on this aspect of myself. I acknowledge that there are hard things in my past however i prefer to keep them in the background only.... as a piece as something that has taught me to be strong. This is the truth. I am strong because of my struggle. My strength makes me capable of more than the typical person like me and i fully intend to reach my potential.
When i determine within myself that i am going to accomplish something i do. I am confident that I can make plans for myself and my life and carry them out. I am also capable of maintaining a balance in my life that allows me to care for myself and love myself while pushing myself to be amazing.
I am better than i thought i was. Self-doubt is no longer welcome in my thoughts. If I begin to doubt myself I will remember all that i have accomplished and all that i want to accomplish. I will look inside myself for the way to smile again. I will remember what i have learned. I will read my inspiration journal. I will do for others. I will go for a run. I will do something. I will not sit by and allow myself to be overcome. I am capable of more and i will not become a victim. I am not a victim! i am a survivor and in this life it is wasteful to allow our thoughts to dwell and focus in things that are gone and that do not help us to be who we are meant to be. we MUST not allow others to take our spirit from us.    I must remember who i am and where i am going.