Certified Translator

Have you recently seen the requirement in an official form to utilize a certified translator? Are you wondering what certifications for translators exist in the world and where to find certified translators? Worry not, Universal Translation Services has written this article to explain the entire history of certified translators.


Certified Translator is a translator who has professional certification in the translation of two or more languages. This person has been approved by a certifying body that they are allowed to conduct the translations.

Languages: The certification for translators is issued on the base of languages and the person has to get a new certification for every new language that they master. This is because the language competency is a deep and serious matter and the translation in and from one language to another is a very specific technique exclusive to the two languages involved. Every language pair needs to be learned and perfected individually. So translators are certified based on the language pairs that they have signed up for and are tested before these verifications.

Certification: Every country has its own way of certified translators. Some countries have agencies and others have professional degrees that the translation professionals have to attain. But the most common way is through working in governmental agencies as translators. Universal Translation Services knows that as government agencies have the highest competence expectation from their translators; the person who has worked in a government agency as a translator is the most highly regarded translator in the market.

ATA- American Translators Association: In order to be certified in the United States, one needs to become a member of American Association of Translators. That way, the person is qualified to translate for clients in the United States and is eligible for working in an accredited translation agency. All accredited translation agencies in the United States have to hire individuals who are accredited with the ATA.

Need: All governmental agencies ask for certified translators to translate the documents that are submitted to their departments. This is because the translation done by the certified translator is easy to clear for its content. Any government agency gets too many applications in a day and they do not have the time to take up every translation as an independent case and see if the translation is done up to the mark.  This is so that the translator is capable and no one has to wonder about the credentials of the translator.

Other Certifications: There are many diverse kinds of certifications for translators. Some translators are properly trained in translation schools that are becoming more and more common with the passing time. A translation program provided in a University focuses on the theory and practice of translation with the focus on two language pair so that the translation challenges that may come to a person can be dealt with ease by the translator.

United Nations is famous for running the most sophisticated translator's trainer system in the world and Universal Translation Services has seen that they produce the best-certified translators in the world.