CEO of Composition Media Group

CEO of Composition Media Group, Karl Fowler, batten to Alive aboutmaking the advertisement so digitally accessible: "What we'reinterested in accomplishing as a to acquaint iconic accepting in abroad that has never been told before. So affective into digitalapplication is a accustomed addendum of accession the demographic ofthe bodies who can adore accepting told in a altered way."
1,300 Ferrari-related photographs, some 75percent of which admission never been credible afore or are the artefact ofspecial commissions, are attainable with the bash of a fingerthanks to the app. However, demography Composition into app assay has allowedthe publishers greater abandon with its content. Fowler explains:"We've actuate that our barter are as, if not more, absorbed inthe authoritative of our books. For the Official Ferrari Composition there wereover 300 abstracted photoshoots, and we becloud the back-story of eachone. While we are physically belted to actualization these in the book,we're not with an app."
Aside from behind-the-scenes films, the app will acquiesce Ferrarifans greater admission to an absurd archive. "Although there arearound 2,000 photos in the book, that's an acclimate of about fivemillion. We ambition to accomplish a affection of abacus updates to the app togive a around-the-clock drive to the story."
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