When I was a teenager, every now and then my buddy Doug would get a hold of one of his dads old Playboy magazines. These were special times, because we were curious, and had new found hormones surging through our young bodies. This was a way for us to learn about the female anatomy, and to dream about getting lucky one day.Being a Catholic, I of course felt guilty about this, but then being a Catholic, I felt guilty about almost everything. I reconciled this by reasoning that maybe hell wouldnt be such a bad place to spend eternity after all. My young body, and dirty mind were not to be deterred by such trivial things.As I got older, and actually had some experiences with women who werent two dimensional, girlie books lost their appeal to me. I figured there was no reason to get all excited about something I couldn't hold, fondle, or inseminate.I guess I am different from most other guys. Pornography seems to be very interesting to the average guy. It must be, it is everywhere! One cannot surf the internet, or even read his e-mail without encountering a pop up - - ad, or spam, telling you of some great porno site, or where you can buy on-line Viagra. Hell, the average guy would not even own a computer, if it were not for all the free porno sites!They say sex sells, and it must be true; not only for guys but also for the ladies. Every magazine, excluding the professional ones, use sex to sell themselves. My step son subscribes to a muscle car mag, and every car picture, has some nubile young lady laying on, or posing suggestively next to the car. While standing in line at the cash out in the grocery store I saw the latest Cosmopolitan, and they had no less than three articles on sex (that new S stroke looks interesting)! Everyone is totally preoccupied with sex.Personally, I am no prude, and I like sex as much as the next person; but it seems to me that everyone is forgetting the most necessary ingredient for good sexlove.Sex is always better when it is done with someone you love, and respect.