Celiac Disease Linked To Earlier Menopause

Fibromyalgia Patients Found to be Vulnerable to the Celiac Disease

Ciacci's team also noted that women in the untreated celiac group reported more menopause-associated problems, such as hot flashes, irritability, and muscle and joint symptoms than non-celiac women. They concluded that diagnosing celiac disease early, and preventing some of the nutritional and hormonal differences in celiac women, might delay an otherwise early menopause. It's likely, Ciacci said, that many people go their whole lives with celiac symptoms, but are never diagnosed. She said that one important way to change that is education of primary care doctors. "There are big signs" of celiac disease, she told Reuters Health. "One is anemia, or iron deficiency. more things http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/06/17/us-celiac-disease-menopause-idUSTRE75G3ET20110617

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